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MCA Technologies GmbH is a globally operating company, supporting R&D and business development in the speciality chemicals and life sciences industries. It is particularly dedicated to strategic source and market development and the development and tailoring of novel and advanced technologies and processes. It offers globally a whole range of products (pigments, colorants, additives, APIs and many speciality chemicals) thus developed, including products from its joint venture companies for the production of its polytrizinyl flame retardants (PPM Triazine), light stabilizers, DPP (Diketo-pyrolo-pyrrole) pigments and azo-condensation pigments.



Proprietary MCA PPM Triazine HF Fire Retardant How can you benefit from our novel and proprietary halogen-free MCA PPM Triazine fire retardants?

Proprietary MCA DPP Pigments Technology How can you benefit from our novel DPP Pigments Technology?

Portfolio What are the scientific and technical areas we are working in?


Fire Retardants A whole range of proprietary halogen-free fire retardants.

Light Stabilizers A whole range of UV absorbers and light stabiliizers for plastics, paints and coatings.

Polymer Additives Antioxidants for polyolefins, coating resins, engineering plastics, elastomers, etc. to provide thermal and colour stability.

Pigments A broad portfolio of High Performance Pigments & Precursors.


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